About Us

Our Story


Since 1926 we have been dedicated to our customers and their satisfaction with our business. Times have changed, and we have changed with them. But our Traditional Views and Values have remained the same throughout the years.


Our dedication and loyalty to our customers has also remained the same, and it will continue to remain the same for many years to come.


Thank you!!!!

Our History


This picture is from our facility in the mid-80s after a few additions have been added to it.


The news article on the right, talks about when we first moved to our new facility in 1964. Before we moved here we were located on Dumbaugh Ave, in downtown Butler



We are here to Help you

Our loyalty is too our customers, and we do everything that we can in order to make them have the best experience possible while dealing with Dumbaugh Electric

Why Choose Us


Here at Dumbaugh Electric we are known for our quality of service in everything we do

Friendly Service

We pride ourselves on our Friendly Customer Service and our ability to please almost every customer that walks through our door


We are dedicated to making our customers happy, and we do that by getting our jobs done as quickly as possible so that you can get back on schedule